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Whether you have an acute or chronic injury or need some guidance on how to perform your best at your sport, our Sports Medicine specialist at ClineMed can get you feeling great again and keep you in the game.

concussion management


We provide a comprehensive history and physical exam with directed return-to-play protocol to ensure you get back to your sport as quickly and safely as possible.

ultrasound musculoskeletal


Often, an injury can be seen or confirmed with an ultrasound and if so, an MRI may not be needed.  Our fellowship trained sports medicine physician can perform these exams in the office. In addition, the ultrasound is often used to guide an injection. This decreases procedure pain and increases the accuracy to ensure the medication will be the most effective.



Imaging is not always needed for a sports injury but is sometimes necessary to aid in a diagnosis. Whether an X-ray, MRI, or CT scan is needed, we contract with local imaging centers to get the best prices and image quality.

joint injection


Sometimes an injection into a joint or bursa can be beneficial to control pain and, in turn, improve function and mobility. We offer a variety of injection options including steroid, visco-supplementation (AKA rooster comb), and ortho-biologics. Our injections are performed under ultrasound guidance to ensure accurate placement so the medication can be most effective.

prp injection.jpg


Orthobioligics is an emerging and exciting field  of medicine in which we harvest your own blood or cells through a simple, routine blood draw and then inject them into the injured joint or tendon to stimulate healing and reduce pain. Some examples are platelet rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell injections. Come see us to determine if you would be a good candidate.

Physical Therapy Session


Many sports injuries do not require surgery and can be rehabilitated with a home exercise program. If indicated, we can provide a customized program supervised by our sports medicine physician. We also work very closely with local physical therapists and can send a referral if needed.

Wrist Brace


Often, bracing is needed following an injury. We can provide you with recommendations for the best and most cost effective brace to suit your needs.

football baseball background.jpg


Physicals are usually required before competition in school or league competition. It's best to identify injuries early in order to care for yourself accordingly and reduce the risk of further injuring yourself. We provide detailed physical exams to athletes of all ages.

Tennis Racket


It's important to maintain fitness and strength outside of your sports season in order to decrease to likelihood of injury. We provide customized off-season nutrition and fitness guidance to both single sport and multi-sport athletes.

Road Biking


There are many different etiologies for shortness of breath in the athlete. Asthma, exercise-induced brochospasm, and heart abnormalities are just a few of the causes. We can diagnose and treat causes of shortness of breath so that this is not a limiting factor to you reaching your potential.

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